GoldCoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that delivers on the promises of decentralization. It’s completely built and maintained by a team of dedicated volunteers who firmly believe in promoting economic freedom. Thanks to these principles and a focus on game-changing usability features, like two-minute confirmation speeds and instant 0-Conf transactions, GoldCoin is fundamentally changing how cryptocurrency and economies operate.

Main site - http://www.goldcoin.org

Official Repository - https://github.com/goldcoin/goldcoin


Free Transactions - Cryptocurrency isn’t a bank, so why pay to use what you already own?

Greater Network Capacity - Good cryptos depend on great technology. GoldCoin’s network is stability exemplified.

Instant Transactions - Why wait around for your money when you can transact now?

Secured Network - GoldCoin’s network foundations are designed to protect its user community.

Golden River Algorithm - Adaptive optimization of PoW lets GoldCoin meet demand intelligently.

51% Defense System - 51% attacks cripple countless crypto coins. GoldCoin’s code fights back.

PoW - proof of work mining with no gimmicks such as staking 


A new GoldCoin blockchain, coming 2nd quarter 2019, will combine the best of the Bitcoin Forks with GoldCoin to deliver on-chain scaling, off-chain scaling, SegWit and Lightning, faster blocks, and faster difficulty adjustments. The GoldCoin network will grow from a few hundred users, to millions of potential new users. All current Bitcoin holders will receive one GoldCoin for each Bitcoin held.

A new MPOS based mining pool will also rollout after the reverse fork. Newly designed interface and user capabilities will offer miners the latest in security and technology to mine on the new chain.